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bursdag270x210Celebrate your child’s birthday at Vitenfabrikken! The children can play in our exciting exhibition where they can explore the themes of astronomy, the body, the brain, tools and much more!

What is your balance like? Are your hands or nose the coldest? Can you break a spiders thread?

Choose between 3 packages.

Birthdays are celebrated at the following times:
Thursday 17.00 and 18.00
Saturday 11.30 and 14.00

You may also purchase pre-ordered gift bags from our museum shop. We pick small gifts from an assorted selection and pack them for you, so everything is ready for your guests. Can include for example brain teasers, bubbles, looking glass or puzzle. Choose from 4 gifts for 45.-, 5 gifts for 55.- and 6 gifts for 65.-.

Send an email to vitenfabrikken@jaermuseet.no with your details. Information included should be, date and time, name and age of birthday child, how many children, which menu and if you would like gift bags. We need the final amount of guests at the latest, Monday the same week as the party.

We reserve the right to change the program if it conflicts with other arrangements on the day.