About Tungenes Fyr

Tungenes lighthouse is located on the northern edge of the Jæren region, and at the sea entrance to Stavanger. A lighthouse was established here in 1928, on the initiative of both city dwellers and herring fishermen.

Some candles in a window in the attic of Tungevågen has led fishermen to Stavanger for many years. The lighthouse was upgraded and modernistert and constituted eventually an important navigation mark for all vessel traffic in the area.
After the last expansion in 1959, the museum consists of four buildings: the lighthouse, the servants house, the lighthouse keeper’s house and an outdoor «shed».

In 1984 the lighthouse was depopulated and replaced with a lantern on the reef «Bragen» outside headland.

Tungenes is today primarily a cultural lighthouse with a diverse range of activities. In the lighthouse you can experience how the keeper and his family lived in the 1930s, in the outhouse you will find various themed exhibitions. The cafe offers cakes and coffee, and concerts are arranged frequently Thursday nights from spring – autumn.

Tungenes and surrounding areas are popular spots. There are great nature experiences in all weathers conditions. With shipping, there is always something to look at. Many combine their visit to Tungenes with a hike in the bay.