About Tungenes Fyr

Tungenes forms the Northern end of the Jaeren-region, and where all traffic by sea pass just before they arrive in Stavanger. A lighthouse was established here in 1828, following the initiative of both townspeople and herring fishermen.

Some candles in an attic window in Tungevågen lured the fishermen into Stavanger, and the herring yielded the city large revenues. The lighthouse was later upgraded and modernized and gradually formed an important sailing mark for all ship traffic in the area.

After the last expansion in 1959, the facility consists of four buildings: lighthouse building, lighthouse keeper’s residence, lighthouse attendant’s residence and a storage-area. In 1984, the lighthouse was depopulated and replaced with a lantern on the reef “Bragen” outside the main land.

Tungenes Fyr is today primarily a cultural lighthouse with a diverse range of activities. In the lighthouse you can experience how the lighthouse keeper and his family lived in the 1930s, in the storage-building you will find various themed exhibitions.

The cafe offers a variety of cakes, waffles, ice-cream and cold and hot drinks.   

Tungenes and the surrounding area are popular departure points for the population of South Rogaland and for tourists. The nature experiences are magnificent and rich in all kinds of weather and at all times, with the ship lay outside you always have the feeling that something is happening here. Many people combine their visit to Tungenes with a walk in Tungevågen. Tungenes Fyr is part of the Kystverkmusea, agency museum for the Coastal Administration.

The lighthouse is open Sundays from cirka middle of February through till November and six days a week in school summer holidays. Please see “opening hours” for details.