About Knudaheio

Knudaheio is the author Arne Garborg’s (1851-1924) summerhut at Undheim, in the border where Jaeren goes from lowland to highland. He travelled here almost every summer from the hut was finished in 1899 until he passed away in 1924.

Arne Garborg treasured his “Jaeren-mountainhut” and the landscape around. As a young boy, he was a shepherd in the highlands of Jaeren. In these highlands, the author saw the Mountain Maid. Decór and furniture is authentic. Arne and Hulda Garborg are both buried in the garden at Knudaheio.

There is an amazing view of Jaeren from Knudaheio. You can also visit the rocksculpture shaped like Arne Garborg’s head, “an Aadne”, here. It is made by the artist Hugo Wathne.

The digital Garborg-trail gives access to videos and soundtracks with QR-codes outdoor and inside the house. The soundtracks are only available in Norwegian.