Pia Myrvold Art Avatar

27. April 2017 - 30. July 2017
Storgata 28, 4307 Sandnes

Until 30th July, Pia Myrvold Art Avatar will be shown in Vitenfabrikken (“the Science Factory”).

ART AVATAR er is an interactive exhibition where visitors are taken into a universe of sculpture, painting and virtual reality (VR). The exhibition was first shown in Center Pompidou, Paris, in 2014 and had more than 8000 visitors during the three months it was open. The idea of sculptures and paintings as animated forms has recently been given attention, and Pia MYrvoLD’s works have since been invited to – and shown – in important galleries and museums around the world: Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, Miamo, Toronto, Quatar, Berlin and Venice. And now the time has come for the Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, Norway! ART AVATAR in Paris had the pleasure of having Vitenfabrikken as a co-producer, and now Vitenfabrikken, in collaboration with Pia MyrvoLD, finally have the opportunity to present a very exciting, interactive exhibition where the audience can experiment with shape, movement and play. This is a new form of dissemination in the art world, and one of the special fields that Pia MyrvoLD has been developing – often referred to as a pioneer in this field. It was also this thought that aroused the interest of the New York Times, who asked Myrvold to hold a lecture and a presentation at the “Art for Tomorrow” conference, which was held in Doha, Qatar, in 2016. It is both interesting and important to understand more of the potential of new technology, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and how coding and software development can create new and exciting experiences. The exhibition also shows how virtual reality will be a much more important part of our lives, whether it’s at work, leisure, sport, art or socialization.

Pia MyrvoLD invites the audience at Vitenfabrikken to take part and experience and at the same time discover some of Myrvold’s main work over the last ten years, works of Myrvold that are actually shown for the first time in this part on Norway.

Art Avatar will be shown at Vitenfabrikken untill 30th July 2017. Art Avatar fits in to Vitenfabrikken’s objective to show art, technologi and science where children and young adult are the main target group.

Sandnes Sparebank has given financial support to the exibition.

Art Avatar is open in regular opening hours. Tuesday – Fridag 10 am – 6 pm, Satursday 11 am – 4 pm and Sunday 12 am – 5 pm.