Vitenfabrikken (Science Factory) is a combined museum and science centre located in the heart of Sandnes.

Vitenfabrikken is a modern museum and science center, where the public are encouraged to participate and to explore. Through such interactive presentation methods, the goal is to encourage especially children and young people’s interest in science, mathematics and technology.

Vitenfabrikken also wants to tell stories and show how things are related to eachother. The exhibitions tell the history of the city of Sandnes, as well as the reagional industrial history. It has a large collection from Sandnes’ rich industrial periods, such as bicycles and porcelaine. As well as a modern building which openend in 2008, there is an authentic oatmill from 1912 called “Krossens havremølle” located next to Vitenfabrikken. The machinery hear stands as it did when production stopped in 1988. .

Good science skills in technology and design have been important preconditions for Jæren and the reason why it achieved its position, a position the region would like to keep. Therefore, national and local businesses have been important partners for many years. Businesses are encouraged to take part in the job to inspire children to science education through visits to the science centre.

It does not end with this. Astronomy is also an important input for many science interest. One of the most important elements – and perhaps Vitenfabrikken’s pride – is a planetarium, which seats over 50 people. The planetarium is a dome-shaped room that is used to convey what it looks like in space and display projection films. The planetarium has the premier technology available, and is one of very few in the world with such a standard. The planetarium is inside a sphere, this has a diameter of 10 meters and hangs above the cafè. Showing and films are part of the daily program, both the starry sky and the universe, but also history and art can be communicated in this exciting way.

Vitenfabrikken wants the guests to get rich experiences, in all the technology the human is in the center. Good hosts and disseminators, a pleasant and well-run cafe and an exciting shop helps make Vitenfabrikken to a complete cultural institution. Each semester we have an activity program where we both produce ourselves and collaborate with others on various events. Vitenfabrikken welcomes individual visitors, groups, school groups, birthday children, businesses, yes, everyone should be able to have fun and find inspiration here.