Experience Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon” in our planetarium!

26. June - 14. August
Storgata 28, 4307 Sandnes

In 1973 a press conference was held in the London Planetarium, introducing Pink Floyd’s new album “Dark side of the moon”. Even though it was only possible to view some stars, constellations and pictures of the cosmos while the music played, it was an outstanding success! Fifty years later, in recognition of the iconic album (and with the help of major advances in technology), an official fulldome experience with impressive images of the solar system is now available and displayed at select planetariums around the world. From 15 December 2023, you can experience it at Vitenfabrikken, as the only place in Scandinavia to date.

The show

The show itself will be divided between the tracks from the album, in chronological order, each with a different theme; some look futuristic and some are a retro tribute to Pink Floyd’s visual story, all related to a time and space experience, embracing the smallest technology that only a planetarium can offer. It promises to be immersive; an all-encompassing surround sound and visual treat that will transcend reality and take you far beyond the realms of the 2D experience.

The show lasts about 45 minutes, and there is a 15-year age limit. Shows have been shown all winter. This summer there will be shows every Wednesday at 16:30, and then we will set up more screenings from October – December.

Tickets for the show cost kr. 200. This includes half an hour before the show starts to explore the rest of the Science Factory. If you would like more time in the exhibitions, you are welcome to do so but must purchase a regular ticket in addition to your concert ticket. Vitenfabrikken closes as soon as the show is finished. The doors to the Planetarium close when the show starts, and it is not possible to enter the Planetarium after that.

For the purchase of a wheelchair space for the concert, please contact us at vitenfabrikken@jaermuseet.no.


This full-dome planetarium experience has been distributed in partnership with the International Planetarium Society (IPS).


Private shows for groups

Would you like to book your own show? This is entirely possible, both for companies, teams, organizations and individuals.

Price for a private show costs kr. 1500 + the ticket of kr. 200 per person.

The price for a private show with simple refreshments in advance, costs NOK. 450 per person (minimum price NOK 6000).

We recommend 29 people per viewing. This has to do with the angle of view in relation to seat placement.

Is this of interest? Then you can contact Ingunn Aase Hovelsrud directly on iah@jaermuseet.no.


Christmas party 2024?

Surprise your employees with the experience of a lifetime!  Book a private viewing in connection with this year’s Christmas party.

The official photo book!

Our store has a few copies of the book that accompanies the film, which celebrates with pictures of Pink Floyd’s tour. It can be purchased at the reception before or after the film. Our price per book is NOK. 549.

The year of publication is 2023, and is in English.


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