Weekend program 15 – 16 of June

15. June - 16. June
Storgata 28, 4307 Sandnes
Adults 145.- children 75.-

Welcome to another weekend of fun and exploration at Vitenfabrikken!



  • Main exhibition.  Covers two floors and various themes. Suitable for alle ages.
  • Temporary exhibiton: “The brain is you!” Prize winning photo exhibiton, consisting of photos taken by 11 of Norway’s best photographers. We are lucky to have this exhibition all throught the summer.
  • Lego room! An enormous room full of thousands of Lego and Duplo pieces. Design and build to your hearts desire. For all ages.
  • Øglænd – Extensive exhibition about Øglænd’s history. Includes both museum articles and interactive experiments.
  • Ready-set-takeoff!  Our newest exhibiton, about astronomy.  Be a pilot in space in our unique space ship Delta!  Lots of facts and interactive experiments. Hear news directly from Nasa and find out what stars you can see on your birthday.
  • Abel attic – 50 experiments and activities with a mathematical theme. See our large kaleidoscope that you can stand in and lots of brain challenging puzzles.
  • Domino and marble run –  The possibilities are endless!  Build the largest domino track possible.


Visitor’s workshop

  • 11:30 – 13:00  Make a kaleidoscope.
  • 14:00 – 15:30  Activity of the day.



Suitable for all ages

  • 12:00. Tesla demonstration – One of the main attractions at Vitenfabrikken is our amazing Tesla-coil! It was the first one in Norway to be available for visitors. Will you be one of the lucky ones chosen to catch a 500,000 volt arc!? P.S. remember to borrow protective ear muffs for children.
  • 13:30. Colours and flames – Experience an entertaining and educational show in the Auditorium. Our very own artist, scientist and firefighter is looking for new colours to create art. You will of course recognise the colours red, green and blue, but our hosts are not satisfied with only these and are looking for new ones. Join the hunt for other colours by examining light, colours and flames to make something new and exciting.  Free tickets available in reception, subject to availability.


Planetarium, astronomy exhibition and space shop “Delta”

to barn som sitter i et romskip

  • Look at the stars or planets, and different films in the planetarium. Free tickets available in reception, subject to availability.
  • Our unique space ship “Delta” is next to the entrance to the planetarium.  Take a trip into space before your visit to the planetarium.

Planetarium program:

Age recommendations are listed after the titles. All shows are in Norwegian unless otherwise stated.

  • 11:30 Star show (6 years)
  • 12:20 Film: Lucia (all ages)
  • 13:00 Planet show (6 years)
  • 14:00 Star show for the youngest (all ages)
  • 14:20 Cap Com Go (6 years)
  • 15:00 Film: Polaris (Eng) (all ages)
  • 16:00 Planet show (6 years)
  • Kafé Hjerneføde – Recharge your batteries with our varied selection of delicious, healthy, home made food. Sandwiches, pancakes, hot dogs and salads.
  • The museum shop – Explore our shop for gifts and educational sets, so you can explore more after your visit. We also have a selection of products for adults, including local products for the home. Browse our selection of books of all interests. We also sell Vossabia products

The program can be changes in certain circumstances.

Welcome to Vitenfabrikken!