About Jærmuseet

Jærmuseet is a family of museums at 12 different locations across the Jæren region. Experience modern science centres, a Garborgsenter and exhibitions and museums that gives insight into agriculture and building traditions, industry and city history, aeroplanes and life by the sea. With 12 facilities open to the public throughout the Jaeren reagion, Jærmuseet offers something for everyone!

Jærmuseet is the regional museum for the municipalities of Randaberg, Sola, Sandnes, Gjesdal, Klepp, Time and Hå as well as the regional science center for South-Western Norway.

Our task as a museum is to document and communicate the more recent hostiry of the region. As a science centre, we encourage and stimmulate the interest for mathematics, natural science and technology.

Find out more about our history through interactive exhibitions and activites, suitable for grown-ups and children alike. Experience exciting science shows, visit the farm animals, “spin” a poem, study military and civil aeroplanes, visit the lighthouse and find out how the lighthouse keeper lived, or enjoy the views and the silence at the museum farm.

Experience, participate and explore is our motto.

The museum was awarded “the museum of the year award 2009” in Norway, as well as the “European Micheletti award 2009”.

Total numbers of visitors in 2019, was nearly 190.000, in 2020 this number was 114.000, the museum was closed for several months this year due to Covid-19.