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About The Science Factory

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    Vitenfabrikken [the Science Factory] opened on the 22nd of May 2008 and is the major tourist attraction in Sandnes.

    Did you know that one of the world's leading mathematicians was born not far from Sandnes? Visit us at «Vitenfabrikken» and explore Abel's sketchbook. How many meters of DNA does your body contain? How long can you keep your balance on the skateboard? What is 101 in the decimal system? How heavy is your brain? Can you relax more than the person next to you? Perhaps you'll be invited on a guided tour through the planetarium to take a closer look at Orion, Pegasus and the other constellations.

    On 19th of May 2012 a reporter from National Geographic visited and wrote this about us: "The Science Factory: My favorite place by far, the Science Factory is in nearby Sandnes and serves as a high-tech playpen for kids of all ages. Stargaze in the planetarium..." Read  all of the article.

    The Science Factory is full of exciting things to do and discover, it is the perfect place for anyone with an inquiring mind. Everything in The Science Factory is connected to science, technology and art. Exhibitions, theatre performances, films, workshops and demonstrations: You will smell, hear, feel and see how the world works. After a visit to The Science Factory, you will know how good your balance is, how fast you react, how warm your brain is, what happens when you flush the toilet, how strong a spider web is and much more.

    We have opened our third installment of the Energy and Environment exhibition in June 2015.  Come and see our miniature pocket park in front of the building!  All our plants are edible, and there is a place to sit and relax between your exploring of our indoor exhibition.

    Click here to read the article about Vitenfabrikken and Jærmuseet in Scan Magazine (published March 2012). 

    Contact: Vitenfabrikken, Storgata 28, 4307 Sandnes - Email: vitenfabrikken@jaermuseet.no (weekdays) - Tel: 51 97 25 40.

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